Padma Lakshmi To Fight Her Bitter Baby's Daddy In Court

Padma Lakshmi
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Looks like the 'Top Chef' Host is stirring up a bit of custody drama with her daughter's father!

So it seems that stunner and host of Top Chef Padma Lakshmi is cooking up a bit of trouble and it's a lot less tasty than the action we get on her hit reality show. No, it's more of the parental custody kind.

We're sure you know what we're getting at, but if you don't, here's the story in a nutshell: According to TMZ, Adam Dell—brother of computer dynamo Michael Dell (as in the very computer many of us are using)—has decided that he wants custody of his 11 month old daughter with Padma, a cute lil' girl named Krishna. From what we're reading, he doesn't seem to be into his current joint custody arrangement, which involves him flying every which way to meet Padma, just to get chunks of time. And this baby daddy has had enough of the jet setting.

"Adam Dell, above all else, wants to have an active and substantial role in the upbringing of his daughter with Padma Lakshmi," his lawyer told the NY Post. "Mr. Dell has tried his best to avoid going to court."

It seems that a source told People something really similar too, saying: Adam wanted to avoid going the legal route, but it was so frustrating trying to find a co-parenting agreement [that] he had to take this action." But, the source also noted that he did want to find some agreement that would work for the both of them. "He's seeking sole custody of his daughter – but he's hoping for a shared custody agreement."

Sounds like a passionate, concerned father right? Well, we'd think so. Except that Padma will not let this one go down without a fight, calling out his interest in media more so than his daughter, according to a statement received by US Weekly: "It appears to us that Mr. Dell remains more interested in garnering media attention than working out details to see Krishna or in her welfare."

But, it definitely sounds like Adam won't be backing down, especially now that paternity's being called into question.

Yes, the situation just got uglier: according to the news we just read in Page Six, Padma told Adam she hoped her current man, IMG owner Teddy Forstmann was the father since Padma told Adam she'd been sexually involved with Teddy around the same time. And, that could explain why Adam's name isn't on the birth certificate—maybe to build Teddy up as a father in young Krishna's life? Padma Lakshmi Is Pregnant But Who's The Dad?

What a mess! Sounds like it came straight out of a chapter of All My Children. This doesn't look like it'll be too pretty and both sides seem to be playing with the gloves off. And Padma's especially no joke, keeping a tight rein on her daughter. We have to wonder if there is a good reason for her actions and whether Adam is really doing this for himself or the hype. As far as we can tell, it didn't seem like they had a lengthy or good courtship (if they need to take it to court to settle it). And if it weren't for Krishna, it's clear they would probably never acknowledge each other again.

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All we hope is that for young Krishna's sake, they figure it out fast so her life isn't disrupted. And, that this doesn't drive a wedge in Padma's relationship with Teddy.