Seriously, What NOT To Do-after SEX

These are a few things that would drive anyone crazy, if done immediately following sex. Remember, post sex behaviors could possibly disgust the one your with and ruin your chances of another sexual moment. Post impressions is the same as first impressions. You want to leave the person with warm and fuzzy memories, not these nightmares.

1. Tooting your own horn. (Wait for the compliment-if an orgasm was reached by your partner-they will toot the horn for you)
2. Rushing to wash off or bath.
3. Passing Gas and having a bowel movement
4. Nose picking, butt scratching
5. Licking bodily fluids belonging to yourself
6. Brushing your teeth
7. Answering a phone call or texting
8. Dressing to leave
9. Turning on the TV
10. Reading (Book, newspaper, computer,etc.)
11. Distant-thinking about anything other than the one your with
12. Not cuddling or showing any additional affection

Be present--show the other person respect, after all you have just shared one of THE most precious and special moment created between the human race. SEX!