Jennifer Aniston May Be Getting Drunk And Talking About Brad

Jennifer Aniston
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Jennifer Aniston's friends are concerned with her boozing, overindulgence and emotional outbursts.

Who doesn't like enjoy a glass or two by themselves? What's the big deal? Apparently, Jennifer Aniston's friends are worried that her drinking has gone just a little too far recently. The real kicker? When she gets drunk it seems that the only thing she wants to talk about is Brangelina.

Purportedly: On Dec 4th Jennifer threw a holiday party and her behavior left guests a little more concerned. A source told The National Enquirer: "She starts slurring, then she gets emotional and starts reminiscing about losing Brad. And finally she ends up trashing Angelina."

While we don't think it's uncommon for a woman (or man, for that matter) to consort with a bottle of Pinot Grigio when their career is on shaky grounds and their ex-husband is happily-ever-after-ing it with ANGELINA JOLIE, it seems that Jen's friends are concerned with more than just a few glasses of vino. Over Thanksgiving, Jennifer and comedian Chelsea Handler took a Mexican vacation, which turned into an all-out booze-fest. "Jen guzzled margaritas, vodka, wine and champagne," says the source. "Chelsea's a big drinker, and every time they're together she encourages Jen to cut loose." Jennifer Aniston Single Girl Poster Child

To add to Jennifer's recent dates with "the bottle" she's also mellowing out with marijuana, alongside her regular habit of smoking cigarettes.

While it sounds like Jennifer is walking a fine line, we have to say not much of this behavior is incredibly out of the norm for some woman. What do you think about drinking alone, yay or nay? Aren't we all a little guilty of overindulging on a VACATION with friends, where margaritas flow like water? Is it out of line to cozy up with a movie and a glass (or two) of Cab to unwind? We'd like YOU to weigh in on this one. Why I'm Rooting For Jennifer Aniston in 2011

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