Best Of The Web: Love Addiction & Resentment

love addiction

Plus do bisexuals cheat more? And should you quit online dating?

Football widows take comfort, your husbands will be returned to you in just over a fortnight. The Super Bowl is February 6th, but in the meantime you can enjoy the heck cakes out of the best the web has to offer (regarding love and relationships).

First a plug for the home team, last week we kicked off our 31-Day Love Life Makeover and it has been dino-mite! A great place to get into the swing: 5 Ways To Ask For What You Want In A Relationship

Over at, a commenter wonders if bisexuals are more likely to cheat. I'm not sure if this is a SPOILER ALERT question about The Kids Are Alright or someone doing the simple arithmetic that declares bisexuals have twice the temptation. END SPOILER ALERT

Even if you hate Robert Palmer, you know that facing up to love addiction is probably a good thing. Suzanne Phillips, writing for the Old Greek Lady (Huffington Post), sheds some light on love addiction and how to self-diagnose.

Sometimes you're the opposite in love with something and that's the case with Nicole Christie (two first names!) at Betty Confidential. She has had it with the flabbergasting, fake and Fountainhead-ed world of online dating. Lady, if we outlaw online dating, only outlaws will date online and Craigslist.

Gawker has news that it's not just online dating that confuses people but romance in general for people 18-25. An Oregon State study shows that not everyone has the same definition of what exclusive is. Nice reference to A Clockwork Orange in there, devotchka.

The Frisky has a list of 21 things no one will judge you for after a breakup. What are you gonna cry about it? Good, because that's allowed.

One think you should be careful about after a breakup is jumping right into a relationship with another person. Leftos has their 8th installment of the true tales of a serial monogamist. Good stuff.

But you can decide to kick resentment to the curb. My bud Simone Grant has a nice essay on how holding onto resentment is more of a f*ck you to yourself than anything.

And our buddies at ModernMan (possibly in conjunction with No Strings Attached) have a go at five secrets for maintaining a friends with benefits scenario.

There are lots of opportunities for jealous when surrounding the FWB sitchy, The Plunge helps a dude get over his jealousy of his chick's sexual history.

And the opposite of jealousy (sympathy?) is generally a result of this malady: sperm allergy. CafeMom discusses the condition. Since we're only hearing about it now, is it the "headache" of this generation OR the peanut allergy of adults?

While she may be physically uncomfortable with his swim-team, he may be psychically scarred by a visit from her Auntie Florence. College Candy discusses period sex with one of them he said/ she saids.

And, finally, My Daily doesn't mind getting into the science and stink of dude-chick stuff and has news about why women rank scent as the most important factor when choosing a sex partner.

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