The Dating Profile You Didn't Know You Had

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With the proliferation of Facebook and other personal information sharing sites (sometimes known as social networking sites) most internet users are faced with a struggle to keep at least part of their private information...private. Now an online dating site is looking to gather the information available through other outlets to beef up its members' profiles, in the name of internet safety. Say what?!

Gotham Dating Partners Inc, parent company to such dating sites as,, and of course announced that as part of a public service outreach in the wake of the Arizona shootings, they would begin combing the internet for extensive background information on its users and adding that info to their profiles. Gotham believes that if more information had been available to the public about the shooter, he might have been flagged sooner. Gotham describes itself as "the Facebook of dating sites" with the intention to have the same number of "users" as well as the depth and breadth of knowledge of their lives. One major difference, Facebook users submit their information to Facebook, whereas Gotham will take any public information from Facebook and other such sites to create profiles for people. The "Golden Rule" Of Online Dating

Users will easily be able to delete or alter their profiles once they are up, so we wonder if those who have something to hide will still be able to hide said something. What do you think, act of public service, PR, or BS? Study: Paying For Online Sites Is More Effective

Is data mining inevitable these days? Would you trust an online dating service that gives out ALL the stats on your prospective suitor?

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