Links We Love: Hiding Money


Is it okay to hide money from your spouse? What about your porn stash? Plus other links we love.

I have to admit, I wasn't shocked this week to learn that 30 percent of people hide money from their spouse. I'm just suprised the number isn't higher. And yes, I am in that 30 percent. Although, I do use the money to buy little things for the house, so it works, right? RIGHT?! Plus, he knows about the money. But am I just rationalizing? Will this behavior lead to worse behavior down the road? What do you think?The Secret Tax-Related Infidelity

In a post on The Stir, a blogger writes that hiding money from her spouse helps her marriage. [The Stir30% Of Couples Engage In Financial Infidelity

And speaking of hiding things, what about your porn stash? While it seems like the usage of porn is pretty normalized in our society, would you come clean to your partner about using it? Should you? [Engaged Marriage]

One thing I've learned from my meager five years of marriage is that there is always new ground to cover and Sarah Markley writes about just that in a post reflecting on her seven years of marriage. [Sarah Markley]

And one thing Nick Clegg's learned as British Prime Minister is that it's not maternity leave but marriage that helps kids. Looks like it's not just the American government all up in people's marriages. Did we export that with McDonald's? [The Daily Mail]

To move onto another story that caught our eye this week: Does it hurt women to wait for marriage? How old were you when you got married? And does age affect your marriage chances? [ABC News]

And does marriage really help you financially? Our political blogger seems to think so, and so does this study. Could they be right? [Seattle Post Intelligencer] Can Marriage End Poverty?

What was your favorite news story from this week?