Apparently, Sex Without Condoms Is More Healthy

Apparently, Sex Without Condoms Is More Healthy

Having sex without a condom was better for health than having sex by using condoms.

A psychologist from the 'University West of Scotland', Stuart Brody said that having sex without a condom can improve the mental health of men and women. "Conversely, having sex with a condom can create pressure and depression."

This statement seemed to dispute the assumption, that having sex without a condom can be hazardous to health because of fears transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

Professor Brody said that the human body is naturally programmed to receive protection in sexual intercourse. According to him, this is proved by a review of 99 women and 11 men in Portugal.

"They were asked to fill out a questionnaire with questions about the enjoyment they get from sexual intercourse using a contraceptive," he said.

From this study, Brody describes couples who have sex without contraception psychological pressure and stress level is lower compared with couples who use condoms.

Meanwhile, investigators from Marie Stope International, Tony Kerridge said that sexual and reproductive health can be tested after the couple had sexual intercourse, did not result in sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies occurred.


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