Jake Gyllenhaal And His Golden Globes 2011 Flirt-Fest

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake's chatting up every starlet in Hollywood, while Taylor Swift is keeping a low-pro.

It's a given: at the Golden Globes, champagne is a-flowing, the mood is jovial, and everyone kisses up to everyone. However, Jake Gyllenhaal may have taken the latter a little too literally, as word on the street says the debonair star was flirting with a dazzling array of A-listers at Hollywood's big night last Sunday.

The talk started the evening before the event at the Art of Elysium "Heaven" Gala, where Jake was spotted chatting up actress (and supposed nemesis of Taylor Swift) Camilla Belle. According to Radar Online, the two were "inseparable" all night with a palpable connection.

Then a bearded Jake hit the carpet the following day with ex-girlfriend Jenny Lewis, lead singer of Rilo Kiley. Though Jenny has been in a relationship with fellow musician Johnathan Rice for what feels like forevs, tongues started wagging about whether Jake and Jenny were reigniting the flame. (Answer? No, according to Life & Style, which reported that the two "haven't dated for years" and attended the event as just friends.)

After the show, Jake moved on to also newly single Mila Kunis, who recently broke it off with long-time beau Macauley Caulkin. (Cue shocked "Home Alone" face!) Mila Kunis & Macauley Caulkin Split The Love & Other Drugs star and the Black Swan beauty definitely seemed to hit it off at the CAA after-party, according to sources for E!Online:

"They ended up talking in a corner practically the entire party. They were laughing and smiling a lot. It was really flirty and they both looked like they were having a lot of fun."

Not having quite as much fun? Taylor Swift, who's been staying out of the public eye and hasn't been her "usual bubbly self," according to PopEater. Give the girl a break: it can't be easy watching your man move on—especially with three hotties in one weekend!

Photo Credit: INF Photo