Dating Through the Decades

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Pinkee here~ For those of you who listened to our recent show, you probably heard us talking about an article from Men’s Health in which the sexual and dating preferences and behaviors of women in their 20's, 30's, and 40's were discussed.  I thought it was such valuable information that I decided to summarize it here.

In general, here’s what you’ll get if you are dating (or marrying) a woman in her 20's.  Her focus is on excitement and fun.  She is still very connected to her girlfriends and her mother, so expect that she will want to involve you in these parts of her life also.  She rates kindness as the number one desirable trait in a man. The obvious thing is, she’s hot.  The not so obvious things are: she is less likely to have sex with you on the first date (as compared to women in their 30's and even more so in their 40's) and she is less likely to enjoy sex and have one or more orgasms during sex.  The reasons for this are multiple: she is not as familiar with her own body yet, not as confident, eager to please you and not so interested in pleasing herself, and just plain hasn’t had that much experience yet.

A woman in her 30's is the one who is most likely to be focused on wanting to procreate.  She still, however, craves excitement and fun.  She rates sense of humor as the number one desirable trait in a man. She is more likely to have sex with you on the first date, as mentioned above.  She is also more likely than a woman in her 20's to know her own body and to have one or more orgasms during a sexual encounter.  About one third of women in their 30's, (and this number is consistent for the others as well) says she would like to receive more oral sex from you.  Not surprisingly, the number of sexual partners the average woman in her 30's has had is higher than that of a woman in her 20's and lower than in her 40's.

In her 40's, a woman is more likely to be focused on enjoying her life, and that includes sex.  Hmmmmm.  She is the one most likely to make the statement: “I want more sex”.  Wouldn’t you like to hear that from your partner for a change?  She is most likely to at least consider having sex with you on the first date (a whopping 58%) and most likely to have one or more orgasms during sex (86%).  As you may or may not know, women enter their sexual prime much later than men do, thus the stats.  The number one desirable trait for her switches back to kindness, just like the women in their 20's.

I want to be clear about a couple of things: I am not saying that choosing a woman based on her age is the be-all-and-end-all of ideas.  It is simply something for you to consider. Also, I am not saying that some of these traits described above are better than the others.  You get to choose, based on your personal preferences.  Maybe you love the idea of a twenty year old who only wants to please YOU in bed.  Or, maybe the 30 somethings are on your mind because you, too, want to settle down and have children.  Or perhaps the idea of a woman wanting sex all the time in her 40's is not appealing to you because you’ve noticed your own sex drive has declined.  As always with the Booty Doctors, “variety is the spice of life”, and you get to make the choices that work for you!