Still Thinking of a New Year’s Resolution?

Still Thinking of a New Year’s Resolution?
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Resolve to have more sex in 2011

Pinkee here~Personally I’m not that into New Year’s resolutions, but if you are I do have a recommendation.  I know you’re thinking along the lines of getting in better shape or making more money in 2011, right?  Or maybe you want to quit smoking, drinking, or eating junk food?

I say if you’re going to bother yourself to make a resolution, why not make it one that’s more fun than all that stuff?  Resolve to have more sex in 2011.  Below are some great reasons to make that your #1 and perhaps only resolution this coming year:

1.  Sex lowers stress.  It is good for overall stress reduction as well as actually lowering your blood pressure.

2.  It boosts immunity.  Sex has been shown in studies to increase an antibody that fights off colds and infections in your body.

3.  Sex is a good calorie-burning exercise.  In fact, each orgasm alone burns sixty calories.  Forget about that new diet and exercise plan, have more sex!

4. It boosts self-esteem.  Heck, this is sounding better and better here folks, is it not?

5.  Sex builds intimacy.  Sex produces more of the hormone oxytocin in our bodies, which is responsible for our building trust and bonding with our partner. 

6.It lowers your risk for prostate cancer.  ‘Nough said.

7.  SEX IS FUN!!  Oh, sorry I already said that didn’t I?  Actually I knew I already said that.  I just wanted to say it again.  Really, what other resolution on your list is fun?!  And wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all prioritized having fun in 2011?