Health Benefits Of Sex, Something To Share With Your Tired Spouse


Here are a few health benefits you may want to tell your spouse in times of need.

There are a number of reasons why your spouse may not be as interested in having sex. It may be the job, the kids or simply a lack of interest. Here are a few health benefits you may want to “sell” to your spouse.

  • Sex Relieves Stress

A study was conducted where 24 women and 22 men kept records of both their sexual activity and blood pressure response to stress. In one study they found that those who performed intercourse had better responses to stress than those who performed other sexual behaviors and those who did not previously have sex. Another study showed that frequent intercourse resulted in lower diastolic blood pressure in the partners.

  • Sex Boosts Immunity

Good immunity can go a long way. Immunoglobulin A or Iga is an antibody which can protect you from infections and colds. It’s been determined that having sex twice a week has been linked to those with higher levels of the antibody.


  • Sex Burns Calories

One of our favorite health benefits relating to regular sex is the exercise itself. Did you know those thirty minutes of sex burns nearly 85 calories, sometimes more? Although that’s not a whole lot of calories it could add up. Wouldn’t be nice to know you lost weight on the “sex diet”.


  • Cardiovascular Health

Having sex at least two times weekly reduces the risk of having a fatal heart attack by half for men. It’s kind of ironic as some are avoiding having a heart attack.


  • Sex Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk

This is the fact I use on my wife the most. But honey, I don’t want to avoid prostate cancer. Can you help me? It’s been noted that frequent ejaculations may reduce the risk of prostate cancer in later years. This is especially for men in their 20s.

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With all the health benefits associated with having sex regularly, one could say – sex is part of a healthy lifestyle. So all in all, the results of sex include fewer visits to the doctor, better long term health, potentially better insurance rates, and a stress free lifestyle.