Mila And Macaulay: Behind The Breakup

Mila Kunis

Raise your lighter hand in the air and flick your Bic, because it's time to say farewell to one of the longest (and quietest) relationships in Hollywood. By all accounts, Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin were the happiest couple in the Hills, but just a few weeks ago, they called an end to their eight (!) years of supportive, oddly well-adjusted love. During their near-decade of dating, the incredibly private pair spoke glowingly of each other in the press, and spent most of their time singing each other's praises. So, what went wrong?

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According to their birth dates, the connection between Mila (born on August 14, 1983) and Macaulay (born on August 26, 1980) was "decidedly skin deep." While they presented themselves to the outside world as comfortable couch potatoes, the truth was that they didn't "need to speak the same language; they could communicate with raw passion alone." In fact, Moonit predicted that these two would "be able to keep themselves entertained in the bedroom for years on end." (Um. You guys? We're trying to conjure up a mental image of Miss "That '70s Show" and Mr. "Home Alone" going at it, and it's really not working.) Anyway, although these two had "a good helping of physical stamina," they "weren't going to be running any mental marathons together, so they expressed their emotions about as well as Rihanna and Chris Brown." And sadly, there we have it.

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Reportedly, their split was an amicable one, and Mila and Macaulay have vowed to remain close friends. According to Moonit, they might be on to something because, platonically speaking, "this might be one of the easiest and most supportive friendships they've ever had." When they remove sex from the equation, "it's like they're Robin and Batman—encouraging, understanding, and great with a grappling hook." Plus, "there's this great inherent trust, so it's a given that they're going to have one hell of a time whenever they're around each other." We're glad to hear it. And as long as we don't have to picture them having naked time, we'll be able to avoid this raging tension headache.

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