Is Kate Middleton Trying Too Hard To Be Princess Di?


First there's the engagement ring, and now there's the same dress designer. How far is too far?

First comes love, then comes marriage…then comes, the transformation into the next Princess Diana? While Kate Middleton and Prince William should be enjoying the post-engagement bliss, with glowing faces and lazy wedding making plans, the Royal family seems to have a different idea. Prince William and Kate Middleton Pose For Engagement Photos

While it may be common practice for a man to pass on a "family ring," that doesn't generally mean that the woman follows every step of the groom's mother from there on out, perhaps it's different for a Princess-to-be. Recently British paparazzi spotted Middleton with her mother and sister stepping into the famous designer, Bruce Oldfield's shop. Sure, standard practice for a bride-to-be to look for her wedding dress, but Kate isn't any bride and walking in Princess Diana's footsteps isn't an easy feat.

While Princess Diana happened to favor Oldfield, it seems like Kate is doing her best to please the Royal family and make her debut, as part of their monarchy and be warmly welcomed by the British people.

"It must have been a special appointment because as a general rule Mr. Oldfield does not do front-of-shop work," a source recently told NY Daily News, special may be an understatement?

Regardless of which designer Kate chooses, we know she'll look stunning- the real concern here; is the pressure to join the Royal family and match up to their standards too much weight for this uber-in-love couple to handle long term? We shall see…..we're rooting for you Kate and Prince William. Also, fashion note: you'd look flawless in lace, Kate--perhaps tell Oldfield we said so.

Photo Credit: INF