Sandra Bullock: "I Don't Get Ryan's Lovin' After Dark"


Putting the kibosh on all of the rebound rumors...or is she?

It's safe to say that Scarlett Johansson (and every other hot-blooded woman) was able to rest easier following the Golden Globes Sunday night.

Sandra Bullock broke her silence to Al Roker about her relationship with Ryan Reynolds, declaring that "I think there will be a collective sigh amongst women across the United States when I say he's not my lovah," and added "He's just an amazing friend I've had for 10 years ... but I don't get his loving after dark."

Collective sigh of relief may be right, though this confession was a huge letdown to Golden Globes spectators who predicted an awkward encounter between Bullock and Scarlett Johansson, who divorced Reynolds only weeks ago. Turns out, the only feud the two shared on the red carpet was a battle of "Who Wore It Better?", as both women arrived at the event in jarringly similar dresses. As much as we'd love to believe Sandra's sweet story of a long-standing friendship, something tells us that in this case, the old adage "great minds think alike" may apply to more than just these ladies' couture. 9 Golden Globe Relationship Stories We're Excited To See Play Out

Though Bullock claims to have moved on only as far as her son Louis, the same can't be said for Jesse James. Bullock's 41-year-old ex-husband is clearly over what he had with Sandra, openly expressing his affections for girlfriend Kat Von D on Twitter earlier this week.

James gushed "I have never felt so loved! I am the luckiest MoFo in the world!" Given his history, we can't help but roll our eyes when he tweets "48 hours away from you feels like a will never be anything but beautiful to me." From what we've seen, 48 hours with anyone feels like a year to James, as he's on to the next one before the ink can dry on his newest tattoo.

James continues to tweet his feelings of adoration, making statements like "You make it so easy to do everything I can to show you how amazing you are....[you're] my other half." Let's continue to hope that his "other half" has more than half a brain, and that she'll eventually open her eyes to his insincere ramblings.

Photo Credit: INF