What Do The New Astrological Dates Mean For Relationships?

The night sky has shifted.
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What's the deal with the new zodiac signs and will they affect your love life?

So you think you're an Aries, huh? Well, perhaps not. After years of believing you were the sign of the ram, you might in fact be a Pieces.

Say what?

This story caught fire on the internet and all of a sudden TIME, The Huffington Post, CNN and a host of other media outlets were talking about new signs, a thirteenth zodiac and major changes. Apparently the Earth has changed alignment, the constellations have moved, and one astronomer claimed that the zodiac signs had shifted as well. Additionally, there's even a thirteenth sign in the zodiac: Ophiuchus!

But of course, an immediate debunking spree began by astrologists and others who were convinced that the signs are exactly what they are supposed to be—and will be staying that way. But other outlets seem to be running with this story, or stating that babies born in the past few years will end up with a new sign. It's easy to feel a little befuddled.

We had plenty of questions, specifically how these new signs related to our love lives. Could a Taurus now find love with a Leo? Would a Sagittarius have a steamy fling with a Virgo? We wanted to know what the deal was, so we went to an expert for a trusted set of answers. How To Tell If He Likes You, Or Just Wants A Fling

We asked renowned astrologer Ophira Edut how our relationships were going to be affected by this news, and she gave it to us straight: "They won't be. It was an astronomer, not an astrologer, who came up with this theory. Your sign is actually based around energies and the season in which you were born." Phew, so it's okay.

"I got a lot of emails yesterday," Edut told us. After the news hit the mainstream, pandemonium broke loose.

Edut blogged about the mess on her site, AstroStyle.com. She said the social media world was a little freaked out—Aquarians were claiming they were now Capricorns, and Cancers were refusing to believe they were actually Gemini. Well, the astrologist told us there was no need to start reading up on new signs. Zodiac Hijack: Astrology Ended My Relationship

"I'm not buying it," she said. "My advice is to keep following your same sign." Edut also added that she knows firsthand that the zodiac is accurate—no matter how old you are. "My daughter was born on October 3, 2010, and she demonstrates the qualities of a Libra."

We suppose it's nice to know we won't have to check out a new set of forecasts or figure out different sign compatibilities anytime soon. To boot, most astrologers aren't buying into the thirteenth sign either.

We're happy to go with Edut's post on the matter. She wrote, "When someone asks, 'Hey baby, what's your sign?' trust us, you already know the answer." Touché.