Best Of The Web: The New Zodiac & Talking Dirty


Plus what men REALLY want and 5 things all new divorcees need to know.

Wow. The bloom is 75% off the rose in 2011 already. Well, let's get on with the best the web has to offer in the world of love AND relationships. has news (charts and the like) on when a Chewbacca impression is sexy. I like to throw in a bad Cosby impersonation here and there… they don't come back.

Betty Confidential wants to educate you on what men like to hear in the bedroom. The words "biggest," "bestest" and "brawniest" are likely on the top of the list.

YourTango Expert Evan Marc Katz has a great post on what men REALLY want from women. I kinda don't mind someone bringing me a beer in the shower, every so often.

And my pals Em & Lo ( ask their man panel for a rundown of what they would change about their sexuality and gender sexual dynamics in general. I'd like to be able to have full and total boner control.

For a little loss of control, like us on Facebook to see if Timmy Gordon can handle his addiction to "objectionable content."

And because Timmy Gordon loves sci-fi, I thought I'd toss in this bit from Nerve about the physics of space sex. Something something out of this world!

The stars are surely against us. You're probably familiar with this zodiac kerfluffle. Glo takes on what the new astrology means to your life.

The crew at wants you to know what to expect when dating a Capricorn. You just have to hope that they're not a real Crapricorn or really Capricorny.

Over at Huffington Post, Emily Gordon explores the five things every newly divorced person needs to know. My advice: don't marry the next person who would sleep with you.

College Candy
really appreciates all of the dating studies and advice out there. But they really don't think they help the average person. Yeah, easier to give advice than live your own life.

Over at Guyism, they discuss how to "survive" a vacation with your significant other. My advice, don't mention every 15 minutes how much money you're spending.

And, finally, we want to whip you into shape for this Valentine's Day. Please check out YourTango's 31-Day Lovelife Makeover and get the love you want.