Five Ways Women Can Saboatge a First Date

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Know a woman who just can't seem to get past the first date? Find out how you can sabotage a date.

Five Ways Women Can Sabotage a First Date
1. Being Too Picky – It is very important to understand what you want in a relationship, however, not everything you want should carry the same weight. For example, you might want a man with dark hair, but if a wonderful blonde showed up, you might want to reconsider. It’s important to have your top ten must haves and your top ten deal breakers. But if your list of must haves is actually five pages long, than you are too picky. Consider what is most important to you and put the rest in the “would like but can live without” category.
2. Dating in the Dress – When you are sitting there at your first meeting over coffee and you are secretly trying on his last name you are dating in the wedding dress. When you ask about his five year plan and favorite names of children you are creating an air of desperation which can cause him to run. Much like a pushy salesperson may cause you to leave a store without making a purchase, a date that feels like a job interview may cause him to leave.
3. Telling All – If he knows every man who broke your heart before the check arrives on the first date, then you are telling too much. Men like mystery. Allow him to unwrap you like a present. During the first several dates, ask questions about him. Listen more than you talk. Allow him to ask you questions, but don’t feel like you have to answer them all.
4. Generalizing – When you are tempted to start a sentence with “all men ____,” you are generalizing. No one wants to be placed in a category. Imagine how you’d feel if a man you were dating started his sentences with “all women are .” (Not too good, I imagine.) Everyone is unique; allow him the opportunity to show you what makes him unique.
5. Being Impatient – The date is over, you had a wonderful time, and you would really like to see him again. It’s only been two days and you find yourself sending him a text to just say “Hi.” If he responds well to this and schedules another date with you, are you standing at the door with hand on hip, demanding an explanation if he’s five minutes late? Are you calling his cell to see what’s keeping him?
We all like self-confident individuals. But when we lose self-confidence and give in to our fears, we are in danger of becoming impatient. When you are comfortable in the world, it’s much easier to be patient . . . which is one of the most attractive qualities a woman can have. (Look at Catherine Middleton, recently engaged to Prince William—British newspapers gave her the nickname “Waity Katey” for the patience she displayed in her long romance, but she had the last laugh—she’s engaged to her prince now. Patience paid off for Waity Katey!)