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The do's and dont's of proposing.

So you’re thinking about getting married? Congratulations because your in for the ride of your life. The wedding plan process first begins with the Ring. Yes, that shiny sparkler can seal the deal or break your heart. The average male will spend two months pay on an Engagement Ring. So where do you begin?

First and fore most educate yourself. There are four extremely important factors when investing in a precious stone: Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color.

Cut: The most important aspect to diamond aficionados is Cut. The cut will literally make or break a diamond. A proper cut should add significant ‘sparkle factor’ and enhance the stone’s natural features.
Clarity: A diamond’s clarity is determined by the amount blemishes and inclusions. Though most blemishes and inclusions are invisible to the naked eye.
Carat: The size of the stone
Color: The color of the stone is based upon a grading scaling, D being the best and Z the worst.

I recommend really doing your research. You need to know current market prices and what your budget will allow.
The second most important thing is to look around when buying an Engagement Ring. Since this might be the first major step a couple takes in their Wedding Planning Adventure, you should really take your time and discover who you are as a couple. What style you choose and how much you choose to spend on it can determine what you’re saying to the world as a couple.

Style: There are thousands of styles to choose from. Keep in mind carat size and what your wedding band might look like. Think Cohesion. You want the wedding band and engagement ring to fit together like you and your partner do. An example of great cohesive wedding bands and engagement rings can be found at Shiree Odiz in the engagement ring ‘Bridal Sets’ section. Each piece compliments each other, it looks effortless and classy.

If you are buying a ring without the help of your significant other, this is a great time to talk to their friends and family. See what they say and keep an open mind.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who is embarking on this engagement ring journey with your life long partner, Congratulations! You have one another to bounce ideas off of and search as a team for that perfect ring. Keep a positive attitude, because this is just the beginning and this is the fun part.

This first step in the Wedding Plan Process is just a taste tester of what’s to come!