Funeral Homes Now Hosting Weddings

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In order to save a little money, try going a little dark with your wedding.

For those of you who have ever planned a wedding, or have friends who insist on sharing the terrible minutia of theirs, you know that location is everything. Saving on a decent location can mean the difference between a nice relaxed weekend for you and your guests and insisting everyone take a vacation day because you could only get the price/venue algebra to work out for a Sunday.

That's why people are taking Taco Bell's approach to fastfood and thinking outside of the bun (or chapel, in the case of weddings). Heretofore unheard of options are being explored because some people don't have $28,000 to drop on a space or particularly enjoy Las Vegas. McDonalds, Home Depot and TJ Maxx, to name a few, have started hosting weddings. The 9 Worst Chains For A Wedding has news of a trend (possibly just in Indianapolis) of couples using a venue typically associated with a far less joyous life event than nuptials: funeral homes. They're clean and if you keep the mortician and his creepy kid who never seems to blink out of the there, it could be wholly pleasant.

Add fun flowers. Just because a place hosts funerals doesn't mean it has to be funereal. Throw in some brightly colored orchids, roses or tulips and leave the white flowers out.

Think of that sex-crazed couple you know. Do you think they've ever done it in a coffin? 10 Places To Have Sex Before You Die

Plus your tasteless uncle can make oodles of "dead man walking" jokes with a modicum of poignancy.

The only one who really loses out in this flower girl who is going to be scarred for life after she starts conflating the smell of embalming fluid with ever-lasting love.

Would you do a funeral home wedding? Any other off-the-beaten-path places for a wedding?