Eva Longoria Covers Up Wedding Tattoo

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria hits the town sans wedding date tattoo- a good cover up or permanent removal?

If there's one thing that your mother taught you it was that inking your body with a lover's name was a surefire way to guarantee that the romance would come to an end. Likely an abrupt and dramatic ending. After all, there is a certain type that finds the appeal (and pain) of a tattoo, "romantic."

Eva Longoria now falls into that unfortunate category, of "inked for love gone awry." Though the actresses marriage to NBA star Tony Parker seemed like a solid one in the beginning, after text messages between Tony and alleged mistress Erin Barry were revealed, the wedding date on Eva's wrist 07/07/07 in Roman numerals proved to be nothing more than the beginning of the end. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker: Behind the Split

On Saturday evening Eva was spotted at Jeremy Renner's 40th birthday party, where it appears she's taken the first step towards moving on, by removing her tattoo. Photos from the evening reveal a nearly-naked wrist, whether Eva removed the tattoo via laser, or if it's simply a fantastic cover-up job, is hard to tell. The good news is that it isn't just Eva who has some covering up to do, but her ex-husband has the same tattoo of their wedding date on his ring finger and I'd venture to say the ring finger removal is slightly more painful (karma?)

As if the wrist tattoo didn't stir up enough attention towards the TV star, we've now been reminded of the tattoo Eva emblazoned on her neck while married to Tony, the word "nine" Tony's jersey number for the San Antonio Spurs and according to TMZ, Eva has said she has another tattoo in a place where, "only he can see." All I have to say about that one is, Hunny, reclaim your sexual power- if you're going to remove any tattoo, remove the "super secret one" first and keep on keepin' on. Eva Longoria Rebounds With Penelope Cruz's Brother

Photo Credit: INF