Links We Love: Your Brain On Marriage

Love on brain

Should you erase traces of past marriages? And how to fete your spouse.

Every week that we can manage, Traditional Love brings you a round up of the best articles about love, traditional style. This week we're talking about your brain on marriage, party ideas for your lover, erasing your marriage past and so much more.

What does your brain look like after 20 years of marriage? Suprisingly, it doesn't look bitter, fat or like it's glued to the couch. Who knew? [Time]

Can you really erase your past marriages? And should you try? Eva Longoria tries by removing her tattoo that honored her ex, Tony Parker. [The Sun]

The Dating Divas have some pretty fun ideas on how to fete your spouse. In this post they write about throwing an 80s-themed bash. [The Dating Divas]

Engaged Marriage is one of our favorite blogs over here. And Dustin did a link round-up of the best posts on Engaged Marriage for the year. WIN. [Engaged Marriage]

Was feminism good or bad for marriage? I vote good. But I'd love to hear what you have to say. [Salon]

Is the marriage bed still a sacred space? Or is it going the way of wedding rings and my husbands socks that are on the floor. [Seattle Times]

Is America really united over values such as marriage and family? Or are we as divided as politians and the media would have us believe? [Crosswalk]

Does your faith still haunt you? Does it make you traditional, even though you've long sinced stopped believing? [Modern Love]

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