Brokenhearted Man Robbed Of Engagement Ring

no engagement ring

A broken engagement got worse when introduced to Craigslist and a can of mace.

We've all heard this story before: A wedding was called off. And in addition to the engagement, the man's heart was also broken. But because the lady was a real standup kinda gal, and because decorum demanded it, she returned the ring. But then the dude, who we'll call Roscoe Flockerman (I kid, his name is David Cushman), was in a bit of a pickle: What do you do with a $30,000 engagement ring?

The opposite of a keepsake, this hunk of metal and carbon represented rejection, and only served to remind Cushman that life can give you lemons whenever it damn well pleases. But Cushman decided to make lemonade, and tried selling the ring on Craigslist. The New York Daily News has the rest of the sorry story, but suffice to say that it involves a con man who could be played by Ben Kingsley, a can of mace and some seriously bad intentions. Pawn That Engagement Ring!

Evidently, the swindler is suspected of conning another lady out of $75K worth of broken engagement shine (I'm guessing she was the jilted party), and could face some serious time in the pokey. It's alleged that he met her on Craigslist as well. Irrespective of your stance on who the engagement ring actually belongs to, we can all agree that it's beyond tasteless (and more than a little gauche) to pepper spray (or tase) a person and run off with any of their belongings, EVEN if they really just want to be rid of the thing and are willing to take $0.50 on the dollar for its removal. Man Duped Out Of $58K Engagement Ring, BMW, Pride

Um, who do you think should get the ring in the case of a broken engagement? Is it a little dicey doing business on Craigslist for anything over $9?