Do you have a broken GPS (Guy Picking System)? Take the quiz.


Are you attracted to the wrong guys over and over agian? Wonder if your picker is broke? Find out...

Are you one of us women who gets her heart broken over and over again, unlike some others who seem to know how to attain their hearts’ desires? Have you ever been told that you’ve got “a broken picker”?

What’s a picker?

Well, to begin with, it’s that part of us that chooses the men in our lives, and when it’s broken, that’s trouble! Having a broken picker can be a very painful thing. Take it from me. I know. I once had a man jump onto the hood of my car, clutching the torn-out distributor wires and screaming, “Hah, you can’t go anywhere now!” A person with a well-running picker might have leapt from the car, called the cops, or generally gotten away, fast. But no, not me. My broken picker took his actions as a sign that he must really love me—and I married him! That was husband number one, and the beginning of a string of disappointing relationships that were a sure sign that my picker was broken.

If you wondering if you might have a broken guy picking system, take the quiz and find out.
Take this simple quiz to test the health of your GPS.

Answer “Yes” or “No” to these questions:

1.I’ve had lots of relationships, but none have worked out yet. I just haven’t found the right guy.
2.I fall in love quickly, get all crazy-feeling and can’t think straight.
3.I’m always attracted to confidant, sexy, well-built men.
4.I love a man who will provide me with warmth, comfort, and protection.
5.I pride myself on being able to find the soft, sweet loving man inside the hard exterior of the sexy scoundrel.
6.There are lots of men out there who are flawed, but who have GREAT potential. If I can work with a guy like this, I know I can transform him.
7.I am looking for just the right guy who will “complete” me.
8.I know that I’ll know my “Mr. Right” when I find him.
9.I can’t name the exact traits I’m looking for in a guy.
10.My last few relationships all ended badly.
Scoring key:

■If you answered “Yes” to 5 or more of these questions, your GPS is broken.
■If you answered “Yes” to 3-5 of these questions, your GPS could use a tune-up.
■If you answered “Yes” to 1 or 2 of these questions, your GPS is in good shape.
■If you answered “No” to all these questions, you have a great GPS and probably give great relationship advice to all your friends.