The 10 Best Romantic Comedy Duos Of All Time


The ten rom-com duos with onscreen chemistry that made our hearts melt.



2. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (Joe Versus the Volcano '90, Sleepless in Seattle '93, You've Got Mail '98) - Tom and Meg have dazzling chemistry in their two best-known Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail, so we'd be hard-pressed to choose a favorite. We loved the instant attraction between a Seattle architect who had lost his wife and a Baltimore reporter who fell in love with him on the radio. But then there was the hilarious and sweet story of two feuding bookstore owners who are unknowingly falling in love across the internet. And we can't forget their first screen pairing ever in the now cult-classic Joe Versus the Volcano... Yeah, we really can't choose, but we can all agree that Tom and Meg as a screen couple was the cutest darn thing ever.