John Edwards Proposes To Rielle Hunter?!

John Edwards proposes to Rielle Hunter?

Less than a month after his wife's death, reports claim that John may have proposed to his mistress.

Honestly, we didn’t think there was any way the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter-Elizabeth Edwards saga could have gotten more twisted, but it turns out we were too quick to judge. Now it’s so convoluted we’re losing grasp on all the pieces, another of which dropped today.

And it’s a possible bombshell.

According to's FishbowlLA, they’ve captured the latest cover of the National Enquirer, and the mag is reporting that John Edwards has proposed to his mistress Rielle Hunter—less than a month after his estranged wife Elizabeth passed away from cancer.

Let the controversy begin. The cover hasn’t actually hit mainstream newsfeeds yet, and many publications and online outlets are incorrectly linking readers to an old Enquirer story from last February that made similar claims. Other media outlets are shaking their heads due to the nature of the magazine, but we feel it’s necessary to point to one small detail.

Before you call us out for believing tabloid fodder, it’s important to note that the National Enquirer was the first to break the initial story of Edwards’ affair with Hunter, and then the baby he fathered with her, as well. We’re not getting too far ahead of ourselves, but they do seem to have a finger on the pulse of this story.

If the report is true: Wow. Is this some sort of retaliation from John because Elizabeth left him out of her will? We’ll probably never know, but we do know this: At best, what poor taste on the politician’s part. At worst, it’s downright wrong.

We all know how hurt Elizabeth was by John’s actions. And she definitely didn’t want Rielle to raise her children. This move seems like such a discredit to his wife’s memory, to get engaged so short a time after her death to the woman with whom he carried on an affair behind her back. Just--Yikes.

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