The World’s Most Dateable (and Un-Dateable) Celebrities!

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By Kari Arneson, for Cupid’s Pulse

You’ve watched their movies and seen their TV shows, but have you ever thought what it would be like to date a celebrity? Well, we sure have (and will admit we may have also imagined what a wedding to a certain British Twilight star would be like)! On that note, we scoured the entertainment websites and gossip pages to find the top three most dateable celebrities and their romantic foils, the most un-dateable celebrities. Judging criteria included past relationships, charity work, physical appearance and overall reputation. Here are the picks we came up with at Cupid’s Pulse. Do you agree?

Most Dateable:

George Clooney
“George Clooney is the person thanks to which my life has regained color. I feel good, I feel light. I am happy like I was when I was 18 years old,” girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis told Vanity Fair in a recent interview. Like we needed any more convincing! The world’s unofficial most-eligible bachelor is not just handsome, charming and incredibly talented, but he was also the recipient of last year’s Bob Hope Humanitarian Award – clear evidence of a big heart. Clooney’s incredible charity work and his reputation among his peers as a good guy have shot him to the top of the list of most dateable celebrities.

Jennifer Aniston
Sure, she’s had her share of ups and downs in the love department, but that’s what makes her so compelling. Women can relate to her (Team Aniston, anyone?) and men love to date her. And the beautiful and successful movie star whose exes include Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn and John Mayer, isn’t out of the dating game – she was recently voted the most eligible single woman in the world.

Justin Timberlake
Back in 2000 we’re guessing you might have had a poster of a then curly-haired Justin Timberlake hanging up in your room… but don’t worry, you definitely weren’t alone. The adorable pop star who wormed his way into our hearts ten years ago as a member of *NSYNC is staying there for good. Not only can he sing, dance and act (did you see how good he was in The Social Network?!) – he’s a good guy, too. He was named the most high-impact celebrity for charity after raising more than $9 million for Shriners Hospital last year. J.T. is kind, funny, talented and very dateable.


Most Un-dateable:

Mel Gibson
Oh, how the mighty have fallen. This former People’s Sexiest Man Alive, award-winning actor and family man has watched his life (and career) fall apart in these past years. His lifelong battle with alcohol led him to make highly publicized homophobic, anti-Semitic and sexist remarks. He split from his wife of 30 years after cheating on her with Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva, who later filed a restraining order against Gibson after accusations of domestic violence. Do we even need to say it? Un-dateable!

Lindsay Lohan
Her battles with addiction have led to multiple rehab trips and a recent stint in jail. While we’re all rooting for LiLo’s speedy recovery, she’s not quite ready to focus on anybody else but herself. Once this troubled star of The Parent Trap and Mean Girls gets healthy and is ready to date again, we’re sure men (and possibly women) will be lining up around the block. But for now, she remains one of today’s most un-dateable celebs.

Charlie Sheen
Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. The 45-year-old actor was recently discovered drunk and naked in a room he trashed at the Plaza Hotel. Sheen has been married (and divorced) three times, with allegations of domestic violence in each relationship. He’s had several stints in rehab to treat his addictions to alcohol and cocaine. Sure, dating this guy would be one hell of a party, but he’s not exactly relationship material.