Best Of The Web: Resolutions & Passes

new year's resolution

Plus permission to cheat and the worst Christmas gift ever.

It's the new year, friends. If you felt the need to have resolutions, I hope it's just to help create the best you rather than create a false you. Unless you're a total asshat and in need of a lobotomy, then feel free to hit the reset button. And we're off!

Some of you may be getting hitchied in the spring of 2011 and your dude (or you if you're a dude) may need to ramp up your readiness with a resolution. The Plunge has 50 doable resolutions for the enfianced dude.

A great way to keep your relationship (at any stage) on the hop is remembering this maxim: the couple who plays together stays together. That's right, couples who do stuff together and hang out and stuff end up being OK. Glo has a great gallery on activities that foster closeness.

We all know the most fun thing couples can do together, but when is the right time to do it for the first time? Asylum tackles the question of when should you and a new main squeeze should bang.

Periodically, drinkin' will lead to a first and early bang session. BadOnlineDates tackles the disaster of drunk dating from the POV of a bemused bartender.

And speaking of the drinky-drink and doing it too early, The Frisky has ten dating commandments especially for ladies. This may be the literalist in me, but I think "Thou Shalt Not Kilt"[sic] should be in most commandment lists.

And College Candy has a different advice list for ladies on the dating path. This one hews pretty closely to gross gender stereotypes perpetuated in the most boorish of romantic comedies. I suppose tropes exist because there's a grain of truth.

Everyone knows that ALL GUYS ALWAYS WANT SEX, ALWAYS. Em & Lo ( asks their man panel what guys would think if their partner gave them a get out-of-jail-free card for a one-night stand. It was not sponsored by the forthcoming Owen Wilson-Jason Sudeikis vehicle Hall Pass.

While a hall pass may be a really thoughtful gift for a broad to give a fella (in a strange world), Gawker has news of a really awful gift to give your special lady. It involves a "personal massager" and a word you're not allowed to say in line at the airport.

My homey Jack From Bkln is a pretty sharp cat. He discusses the golden ratio, nature's ideal proportion of size, and it's relationship to personality/character and being datable. Very thoughtful and has a mathematics lesson, it's like a date with John Nash (when he's off his meds and can still see the little girl and Paul Bettany).

Speaking of science, Nerve does a little investigating into foot fetishes… for the sake of science. I wonder if the writer is just a huge fan of Jet's coach Rex Ryan?

And Dr. Robert Leahy (for Huffington Post) has advice on what not to say to an already upset partner. I'd like to add, you probably shouldn't tell someone how ugly they are when they're crying.

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