Love Bytes: Getting To Fifth Base & A Groupon Engagement


Odd marriage laws, the biggest steal on Groupon, and the real reason you never see guys at brunch.

Love Bytes: 14 must click love and relationship links.

Now that’s a deal! This guy popped the question via Groupon. [Glamour]

Third base is so 10 years ago... ever been to fifth? For love of the game, catch up on your baseball metaphors. [How About We...]

"I'm fine! There's nothing wrong!" The top 4 lies men and women tell. [AOL Health]

Does the idea of talking sex with mom make you cringe? Studies show that women that do may be more sexually responsible. [TresSugar]

15 things guys do to turn us off. Which are deal breakers? [Betty Confidential]

Why do dudes hate brunch? Two words: football Sunday. [The Gloss]

Red lipstick, a pair of "do-me" pumps, and 21 other things a woman should have in her arsenal. [The Frisky]

Into some good ol' backseat rough and tumble? Behold: the best car for gettin' it on. [Shine]

A wedding day stunt double? 10 strange marriage laws sure to have you raising a brow. [Glo]

Considering having the "define the relationship" talk? It may be the kiss of death. [College Candy]

Vivica A. Fox  was recently deemed a cougar after getting engaged to a man young enough to be her son. Also this week, Hugh Hefner proposed to Crystal Harris, 60 years his junior. The double standard ensues. [CafeMom]

The busiest day of the year for divorce lawyers was this past Monday. Can you guess why? [Em & Lo]


Who better to bestow your weekly dating advice than Joe Biden? [Buzzfeed]