New Couple Alert: Meg Ryan & John Mellencamp

Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp
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When Johnny met Meggy: the rock star and the actress definitely aren't "just friends."

Less than a week after the news broke that John Mellencamp was splitting from his wife of 18 years, supermodel Elaine Irwin, we're discovering that John is "dancing naked" with a new love—actress and America's former sweetheart, Meg Ryan

A few months ago, John, 59, was spotted walking through New York arm-in-arm with 49-year-old Meg, but the story was that they were "just friends." In fact, John's publicist denied that the singer was having marital problems right up until the recent announcement that he and the Missus were calling it quits.  

Supposedly, John and Elaine had been having problems for quite some time before officially splitting, and that's when Meg came into the picture. However, the timing is making a lot of people wonder if Meg wasn't actually the cause of John's breakup. And if PopEater's source is to be believed, the two are "in love," which doesn't happen overnight. (Well, OK, sometimes it does in Hollywood.) If John was sneaking around on his wife, Elaine certainly isn't acting like a scorned woman. She's remained quiet on the subject and is committed to remaining in Indiana to raise her and John's two children. 

This is kind of a weird coupling, right? But maybe the down-home, rugged Mr. Mellencamp can finally get Meg to stop injecting her face with fish parts and various other nonsense. Let's hope. 

Scoop: New York Post, PopEater. Photo credit: INF.