Women Think About Food More Than Sex

Women think about food more than sex

A new survey finds women think more about food than sex, and 60% hate eating in front of their men.

Before committing to that crazy one-pea-a-day diet you promised yourself you'd try this year, why not take a moment for an eye-opening reality check? You can file this one under majorly depressing: Women think about food more than sex.

Although we already know that men tend to think about sex more frequently than women do (one in 20 men think about sex once a minute—wow!), a new survey of 5,000 people shows that women crowd out their sexy thoughts with worries about what they're eating. The British survey found that 25 percent of women think about food every 30 minutes, while only 10 percent report thinking about sex that often.

The sadder finding: They may actually be thinking more about what they're not eating. Four in 10 women say they're always either dieting and/or concerned about their weight, and more than 60 percent confess that they don't like to eat in front of their partners. And it seems like a few of us haven't yet gotten over our high school cafeteria habits: When ordering in front of a date or even a long-term mate, 13 percent of respondents confess to choosing something lower-calorie than what they really wanted. Weight Debate: Does Size Matter When Dating?

Things don't seem to improve much even after the mood goes from ravenous to romantic. Nearly 50 percent of women in relationships report feeling uncomfortable while getting undressed. What A Man Sees When You're Naked

Now, come on, ladies. While these findings aren't exactly groundbreaking, it doesn't make them any less disheartening. This is clearly a wake up call for us to see how important it is that we get over our "food issues," learn to start living a little more and, first and foremost, re-prioritize. If a guy isn't into you because you opt for the chocolate cake, he needs to be kicked to the curb pronto. And no amount of holiday cookies or cellulite on your thighs (hello—everyone has it!) is worth driving yourself crazy and failing to fully enjoy your love and sex life. Am I right?