Why am i so shaken up?


Why do i let things brother me so much. I cant even think straight.

Well there is nothing fun about being rapped. It really did kill me when Dre told me "air", the girl he talking to just got rapped. Im so use to giving him advice about female& what not. This situation just really got me shaken up. I just really hope this "air" girl is seriously in the hospital and really want Dre to come see her. If that girl is playing around i would litter ally kill her. There is nothing cute about faking being rapped.
My wishes go out to that girl. I wont want my enemy to have to go through what this little girl is going through.

So the question that bugs me is.WHY AM I SO SHAKEN UP?! The answer lies all in my childhood. I wish there was some way i can go back and kick my uncles ass for sexually abusing me. The sad thing was i was only 4 or 5. Some how i feel like it was my fault. Many people say its not. I feel like it was cause i led him on to me. But again i was young. So now the thought of a grown ass men taking advantage of a girl kills me inside. I cant believe a person would do something like that to a person. Just taking there innocents kills me slowly. I cant deal with that. I do blame my uncle for the things he done to me back then, it made me the type of person i am today. My deeps prayers go out to "air". I just wish there was some how i could connect with her. I would like to visit her at the hospital. I hope she is okai. Somehow from Dre's reaction about the whole situation shocked me. It was like he had seen this coming. When i had told him to give her my prayer, he just dusted it off and said she will be okai. I wanted to drill him& go off on him for saying that. But the situation sunk it& i just let it go. How can he just say that about it. He knows the girl really likes him& want to be with him. Im telling you when he had said that stuff i saw a different thing in him
. That start to have me think, if something like that would happen to me. God forbid will he just do me the same way he had done her? Would he come to see me? Would he care. When the situation flips he better be there no matter what. I REALLY HOPE SHE IS OKAI