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Guess When The Busiest Time Of Year For Sex Is...

If you're not having sex right now, maybe you should be thinking about doing it relatively soon. Why? Well, for one, it's cold out, and creating your own heat via skin friction is always fun; and secondly, everyone else is doing it right about now, and don't you want to fit in with the crowd? Of course you do. 

As a September baby who has far more fellow September baby friends than those born in any other month of the year, I wasn't exactly surprised when I read that Sept. 16 is the birthday shared by the largest number of people in the U.S. This means that the majority of kiddos are conceived during the winter holiday season. If we break this down, we'll find that one part holiday spirit, one part New Year’s Eve hilarity, and one part chilly weather, equals several reasons to strip down to nothing and get it on. Month When People Most "In the Mood"

Other peak times of the day, month and year that people are getting some are at midnight (thank you, alcohol!), spring break (again, thank you, alcohol!), and when it rains (thank you, um, clouds!)

Also, did you know that twice as many condoms are sold the week before Christmas than in the week after Christmas?

Visit the Daily Beast to read more (13 more, to be exact) interesting findings about peak times for sex: It's High Time For Conception: Studies Show Peak Times, Weather For Sex

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