In Love With My Friend



My best friends name is DeAndre A. Daniels. He is 6'2, pretty boy, dark skin, cleancut and a football player. And me im a 5'7, thick, dark skin, cheerleader. We are too prefect and not just when we are standing next to each other. He is funny and we are always txtn each other. I really cant think of one day that we havent txt, unless he dont have no mints.  He is my truly my bestfriend, he is there to hold my hand when i need him to. You know pretty boys got many girls on them. That is excalty what he got and he always turn to me for advice. So we knew each other for 4 happy years.  So dec 22 2011 at 930 i decied to kiss him. I know people who probably wonder why would i do that? WELL...see we was on the couch cuddled up and he kept rubbing his lips on my chin and stuff and boom it happen. we Pecked twice it was quick and afer all that i melted and we just sat there questioning if that really happen. From that day we been talking and he final told me that he liked me for years but neva told me. I was kind blowing away, some how in the back of my head i had it coming.  So now we are just wayyyy closer than friends kinda. I told him that i dont want us to get together just yet. I want to wait until we like 24, some how i get the feelings that might not happen. I just want to spend every day wit him. He told me that he is sprung over me and cant stop thinking about him. From that day we kissed i broke up with my bf. Only guy i want to be with is dre. when i was with my ex all i think about is dre. Talking to him makes me happpy and when we kiss it feels way to rite. HE is funnny, fact is if i wanted him i can have him. I wouldnt care if he is in a realtionship with somebody eles i would take him from her just like that. So our high shcool year is almost over and at the end of the summer he is going to TEENNEESEE STATE and im going to stay in cinncinati and go to X.Vaiver for their ROTIC program.  YES SIR yoyr girl is going to the MARINES itss time to server back to the US for blessing me with any opportunity.  I was going to do active duty but the thought of ME being away from mine dre is unthinkable. So im going to do reserve. He is going to play college football and im goint to be in the marines. we keep telling each other we will alwawys be there for each other that means talking and  seeming each other. I told him that i will always love him and he gave mw that for eva love kiss. That is one moment i wont forget that happen dec 26, 2011 at 1105. I have good memory when it comes to him. He told me flat out the only person that he wants is me and he will never forget about me. He told me for me hewould stay in cincincinnatri just to be around me and see me all he can. we always playing with each other and say thing that we so sprung that we would change my last name in a heart beat. If this aint love i really dont know what love is. He is all i want and all i need. If i have him i wont need to think about no other guy and that jus the truth. Can no other dude touch him he is all the on top of the thrown.. He is speical. Now that New Years is coming i want to get with him on new years eve but he dont have no Id which means hecant get in the club with out it.That was pretty dang smart of him. It will be funny if i jus happen to show up at his house and tell that i wanna get with him hands down. And i know he will say yes. Soe how this thing about us kissing is fab.  The funny part is i know him tooo well. I know what makes him happy sad and excites him. He is more than my bestfriens he is my Lover. It funny because we say that we are friends but will sit there and french kiss each other. I know i can depend on him to make me smile and that is real. I just cant wait to see him at 20 he is going to a knock out, and still going to be mines. I just dont know how the whole football thing and marines thing is going to work out. He is going to be on the road. And when he get drafted im still going to be there cheering him on. I just cant wait to get 2012 over with so ican worry about my future and start getting myself ready for all tha. Hopefully we are couple up by then. And its ganna be funny if i end up applying at TEENNESSEE STATE  and gettin accepted and now we dont have to be alone from each other. im thinking about it and something tell me that is going to happen.  BUT FOR NOW IM GOING TO ENJOY ALL THE TIME I CAN WITH MINE DRE UNTIL HE GOES OFF TO COLLEGE

-Presx Luv.OVER&. Out