New Year's Resolution: Get Over Your Worst Breakup!

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Take our survey on breakup recovery and we'll help you get over your own breakup -- in style!

Most people have gone through a traumatic breakup or three. But everyone has a very different style when it comes to breakup recovery. Some of us go shopping, others jump right into rebound relationships, and still others put on sky-high heels and head straight to the club. One thing a lot of women tend to agree on is that they need to undergo a "break-over" — a makeover aimed at helping them move on from the breakup — to feel whole again. We need a sense of transformation before we can move on from our past and feel like ourselves again.

Agree or disagree? What's your breakup style? Lucky for you, we've created a survey to help you get over your breakup: Check it out!

How about some advice—Jersey style? Catch this video for some guidette guidance from Jersey Shore's Snooki.

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