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Tokii starts both silly and serious conversations between couples.

Right now the lab's hottest topic is the holidays. Here are a few articles and stats that have come in handy to me this time of year:

• According to their "Festive with the family" infographic (see below), 56 percent of women and 48 percent of men agree that Christmas is a time to be with family. Unfortunately in the early stages of a relationship it is hard to explain to your mother that you'd rather forgo family traditions to visit a boyfriend
• Fifty percent of couples have already done the nasty in their parents' house (cough), but Tokii also found that the holidays can be a strain on the sex life—though 88 percent of men and 62 percent of women are going to schedule a quickie to relieve stress and spread holiday cheer. Read some sexy horror stories here: "I Saw Mommy Doing Santa Claus." 
• Six million people take out loans to pay for their overspending at Christmas time! Learn how to "Nurse the Financial Hangover." Since we don't have the money to spare (I'm a freelance writer, he's a grad student), we have agreed on monetary cap for gifts this year. It works because really all we want is to spend time together.

This year, my boyfriend and I will be spending Christmas and New Year's Eve apart (bummer). However Tokii has helped us start a new tradition together. On the first visit in 2012 we are going to have a Holiday Smash—one day, three holiday celebrations. We have already started using the TradingPost to set up plans. He has agreed to burn a CD with all the Christmas favorites, and I'm going to make Cornish hens that we can pretend are mini-turkeys. Despite the miles between us, using Tokii for the past month has certainly helped to bring us closer together.

Read more on my experience using Tokii with my boyfriend and check out a fun, family holiday infographic below..

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