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Love Bytes: 5 Rules For Hooking Up At The Holiday Office Party

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The holiday office party has long been a staple of inappropriate behavior and boozy groping. Sometimes long-held crushes are admitted to. Sometimes butts or boobs are photocopied. And, generally speaking, looking each other in the eye is something that doesn't really happen until the new year. 5 rules to keep you from ruining your career this holiday season. (HowAboutWe)

Is feminism the reason behind the "hook-up culture"? (Good Men Project)

People will say A-NY-THING to get some action. (CollegeCandy)

Would you stay with your husband if he cheated? (Madame Noire)

"If You Seek Amy." The best and worst love advice from Britney Spears songs. (TresSugar)

You know that "sex school" in Austria? Never happened, that was a hoax. (Nerve)

The 12 keys to a healthy, giving relationship. (Huffington Post)

"I dated his clone to get over him." Dopplebanger! (The Frisky)

It looks like your favorite sexy rapper Lil Kim is not dead. (Washington Post)

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