Should You Give Him An Ultimatum? (3 of 3)


Do ultimatums ever work in relationships?

In Part 1 of this video series we met 24 year old Brook. She wants to get married, but her boyfriend of three years doesn't. In Part 2, we wondered if her clinginess was to blame. My Boyfriend Says I'm Clingy & Needy (2 of 3)

In this final segment, Dating & Relationship Coach and YourTango Expert, Lori Pinkerton helps Brooke work through her desire to give her boyfriend an ultimatum: marry me or leave. Watch Lori explain why an ultimatum is different than a deal breaker, and which one you should use to approach the topic with your man.

Wondering how you can get your man from "not now" to "I do"? Connect with Lori and see how she can help your relationship today.