9 Ways To Avoid The "I'm 45 & Single, What Happened?" Moment

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Are you successful in your career but single? Do you want a marriage and family? Here are some tips.

Before we go any further, I understand that it is not everyone woman's aspiration to marry and have a family. However, the desire does apply to most and I recommend reading the following with that in mind.

In the age of the brazen careerist and countless hopefuls graduating from college each year, love is frequently placed on the backburner — for some, until it's too late.

You know who she is, your super-successful 45-year-old boss. She owns a beautiful home, drives a sleek sports car and pampers her twin Chihuahuas all while slaving 80 hours a week at the office. Diane didn't have time to date when she was 30 and, now, there's still no time but she's pre-menopausal so it doesn't really matter. Hershey and Reese are listed as her beneficiaries.

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