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Would You Flaunt Your Love In Front Of Your Husband's Ex-Wife?

Would You Flaunt Your Love In Front Of Your Husband's Ex-Wife?

LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville were spotted hanging around at a soccer game over the weekend. According to Us Weekly, the trio were happy to be there (not together) supporting Cibrian's 7-year-old son, Mason.

However, what makes this situation not-so-normal is that Brandi, 39, was Eddie Cibrian's first wife, and LeAnn is the little minx that Eddie cheated on her with, and then later married. Brandi first became aware her husband was cheating on her when she noticed sparks flying across the dinner table on double dates with Rimes and her then husband, Dean Sheremet. Eddie Cibrian's Ex Lashes Out Against LeAnn Rimes

Eddie, 38 and LeAnn, 29, had originally met while shooting a Lifetime movie called Northern Lights. After spending many months denying their affair, they finally spilled the beans and moved in together, and later married amidst divorce and custody battles. 

Last year, LeAnn, Eddie and Brandi all went through therapy for the sake of Mason and Jake, 4, who were caught in the middle. As far as we know, the trio is now on civil terms. Did Gerard Butler Have A Steamy Hookup With Brandi Glanville?

But now, shocking photos from this weekend show Eddie and LeAnn making loving gestures towards one another on the sidelines of Mason's soccer game... right in front of Brandi!

Photos on Daily Mail show the couple laughing together and enjoying their time cheering Mason on. In one photo, they're holding hands and hugging while Brandi is seen sitting just a few feet away, staring intently at her phone to avoid the nauseating love-fest. 

Tell us CelebLovers, would you steal someone else's man, then flaunt him right in front of her?

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