Love Bytes: 8 Reasons Why Being Single For The Holidays Rocks

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Plus, a holiday gift guide for every stage of a relationship.

The airlines (except for Southwest) and the fuzz have made air travel a serious bummer. Between the 3.4-ounce rule, the shoes, the hour early, the change and bag fees, the Alec Baldwin fiasco and periodic TSA groping, the skies have become far less friendly. But what if you picked up your next boyfriend/girlfriend at the old B Terminal? Would that sweeten things a little? Here's how. (HowAboutWe)

You've only been dating for three weeks. What the heck should you get him for Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus, if anything? Here are some great tips. (gURL)

Been dating for a bit longer than that? Or engaged? Or married? Or... friends with benefits? The ultimate holiday gift guide for every stage you may be in. You'll like this one. (iVillage)

You might remember how, just yesterday, we advised you not to date finance guys. Well, those clever gals from The Gloss wrote a retort to us about how they think dating finance guys is "the best!" 7 reasons why... (The Gloss)

8 reasons why being a singleton is better during the holidays. (Huffington Post)

Zookeepers are like Jewish moms: Do whatever you like, as long as you give them lil babies in the end. The former has managed to find a girlfriend for a gay penguin, bubala. (The Daily Beast)

10 things that are ultra-annoying at the beginning of a new relationship. (CollegeCandy)

Getting married when you don't have two nickels to rub together is not so romantic, so perhaps it's a good thing that not as many people are tying the knot these days. (The Stir)

Being TOO into wedding planning and decision-making isn't that romantic either. (The Frisky)

Should you ask your main squeeze to cut off all contact with all exes all the time? (Em & Lo)

"I wuv u 2 babyyyyyyyyyyyyy," and a billion other annoying Facebook statuses. (Madame Noire)

Erection medication has finally teamed up with the erection's natural enemy to produce: Viagra condoms. Oh boy. (Nerve)

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