Could Your Pet Be Turning Men Off?

hamster in a teacup
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Both men and women have strong opinions on pets. But there's one little furry creature we agree on.

When I think of pets, my brain immediately jumps to dogs or cats. As an adult, animals like hamsters, snakes or spiders never even cross my brain. But according to a new study, I should reconsider.

The recent study, conducted by, asked single men and women which pet would make them "less inclined" to date someone. Coming in as the least likely to throw a wrench in a potential love connection: hamster owners. Yes, you read that correctly. Of those polled, only 10% said that a pet hamster could stand in the way of dating someone. A hamster? Who the hell over the age of 10 owns a hamster?

In case your brand of pet is a bit more conventional, you should know that 28% wouldn't date a dog owner and 25% wouldn't date a cat owner. So you won't date the girl with the awesome dog who can not only do tricks, but has learned how to open the fridge and get a beer, but the hamster who runs his whack-a-do wheel at all hours of the night in his noisy lil metal cage is a-okay? Alright then.

Hey fellas, take another note: Women love cats. Those who own them are not "crazy spinsters," as some of you seem to think. As for hamsters? Meh.

What are your "pet peeves?"