Love Bytes: What's Your Couple Holiday Gift-Giving Style?

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Love, Heartbreak

Plus, 5 reasons "wingwomen" are the future, and why hamster owners are just so goshdarn dateable.

Many people consider the dog park to be the greatest pickup spot on earth. But it turns out that no one really wants to date the owner of a very needy pet. British people are least uncomfortable dating people with hamsters. It is a relatively small island. (HowAboutWe)

What if you and your guy have totally different holiday gift-giving expectations? (The Frisky)

Porn. Why (many) women need to relax about it. But if you still can't, there's now a service called "Find His Porn" which does exactly that. Oy vey. (The Stir)

"Wingwomen" are, evidently, the future. 5 reasons why! (CollegeCandy)

What to do about your social media outlets after a breakup or divorce. (Huffington Post)

A look at why women cheat on their husbands — and how it sometimes leads to better marriages. (Glo)

Whoa. What if your guy wants to watch you have sex with another man? (Em & Lo)

How do you tell a new fella that you're saving yourself for marriage? (Good Men Project)

When should you get it on with a new guy the first time? (iVillage)

7 signs that you're ready to move in together. (Madame Noire)

A final note: We hope you caught SNL's Weekend Update on Saturday, with the always-hilarious Kristen Wiig as "Flirting Expert Rebecca LaRue." If not, you should watch it. (NYMag's Vulture)

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