A-List Links: Loner Angelina Jolie Doesn't Have A Lot Of Friends

A-List Links: Loner Angelina Jolie Doesn't Have A Lot Of Friends

Plus, the cutest babies of the year, and who's being sued for $100 million?!

In the January 2012 issue of Marie Claire, Angelina Jolie admits she's kind of a loner, in that she doesn't have many girl friends to hang out with. That's really sad. Well, at least she looks amazing in the photo shoot! (HollywoodLife)

Everyone knows JWoww has had her breasts done, and it's pretty darn obvious her face has been touched up too (have you seen her in Maxim?) And yet, those claims are "insulting" to the Jersey Shore star. Watch her explain in this video. (TooFab)

Speaking of Jersey Shore, the new trailer for Season 5 of the reality show has just been released. There aren't really words to describe this video. (CelebDirtyLaundry)

Which celebs had the CUTEST babies this year? You'll have to check out this gallery to find out! (CelebrityBabyScoop)

What's more depressing than a Kardashian procreating again? The report that Kourtney's man, Scott Disick, didn't want another kid! Find out why here: (CelebBabyLaundry)

Check out these adorable photos of President Obama and his gal, Michelle, in their best couple moments of the year. (TresSugar)

Beyonce says we shouldn't believe anything we read about a possible due date for her baby, so should we not believe the report that she's being sued for 100 million big ones? (USAToday

We always knew Ke$ha was weird, but we didn't know she was this weird. She's sucking on a man's beard in this photo. Ho ho NO! (AllieIsWired)

After Daniel Craig made all of our lives by bashing the ridiculousness that is the Kardashians in GQ, Kris Jenner is firing back and demanding an apology. Read her quite comical response here: (WetPaint)

Photo Credit: Marie Claire/HollywoodLife.com