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Dianna Agron Splits From Rebound Boyfriend Sebastian Stan

Dianna Agron Splits From Rebound Boyfriend Sebastian Stan

Glee actress Dianna Agron has had a rough year romantically (professionally, though, she can't complain! Check her out on the cover of the January issue of Nylon).

The 25-year-old actress split from boyfriend Alex Pettyfer (whom she was rumored to be secretly engaged to) in February 2011, and then just a few, short months later, rebounded with Gossip Girl actor Sebastian Stan (who apparently likes his girls fresh and on primetime TV, having previously dated Leighton Meester.) Leighton Meester: Sebastian Stan Breakup Was 'Really Sad'

According to Page Six, the couple called it quits for geographic reasons. Like many other celeb couples, LA-based Dianna and New York-based Sebastian reportedly had problems making the long-distance work! On the other hand, US Weekly claims that Dianna ended things because she was "super-jealous" of any woman that got too friendly with Sebastian.

"She was always worried that he was cheating on her while he was away filming," said an insider to Us. "But he never would!"

Still, an anonymous souce leaves room for a reconciliation:

"Dianna's coming to New York for Christmas with her mom, so they might rekindle the flame."

However, unless Dianna—who has told reporters that her character on Glee will be graduating this year—is able to move closer to Sebastian, or he relocates west, it doesn't seem like a short, holiday vist will be enough to sustain their relationship.

CelebLovers, can long-distance relationships ever work out?

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