Matt Damon On Karaoke Dates And Keeping His Marriage Private

Matt Damon On Karaoke Dates And Keeping His Marriage Private

Matt Damon opens up about his family life and why he doesn't worry too much about his image.

While he's best known for his action-packed movies and painful good looks, Matt Damon is actually just a low-key family man at heart. In a recent interview with Parade, the actor opened up about everything from his desire to stay away from the paparazzi flash bulbs to singing karaoke and having the experience Tweeted by everyone at the bar—and why it was totally ok! Exclusive! Matt Damon: "I'm Surrounded By Beautiful Girls"

"I never try to micromanage my image, because I just don't think you can do it," he explained. The perfect example? Going out for karaoke with his wife Luciana and some friends for fellow actor and close friend John Krasinski's birthday.

"We sang everything," Damon said. "We hadn't been out like that in a long time. And Lucy told me the next day, 'Our whole night was tweeted by people.'"

His laid back attitude about something that other celebs might deem embarrassing probably stems from his down-to-earth wife and their solid family life. He's the father of four little girls, ages 13 months through 13 years, and while that in itself might stir up some drama once in a while, it's not enough fodder for the press. Matt Damon Spills His Secrets To A Strong Marriage

"I've been left alone, even by the paparazzi, because what sells is sex and scandal. Absent that, they really don't have much interest in you. I'm still married, still working, still happy," he said. 

It doesn't sound like he would trade his life for more attention, either. His pal Brad Pitt can't seem to escape the never-ending interest people have in his relationship and family, and he asked Damon for advice.

"Brad and Angie, there's much more pressure on them than there is on me. He asked me what my everyday is like. I said, 'Well, I grab the kids from school, and then we go over to the park.' And he was just looking at me, like, 'How can you do that?' Because he can't." 

Relish it, Matt! You never know when the smallest rumor of a scandal will send the paparazzi flocking to your door. Just ask Brad! Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Kids Wonder Why They Aren't Married

Do you think Matt Damon has the right approach to marriage and living life outside the spotlight?

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