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Is Michael C. Hall Seeing Someone New Already, Post-Divorce?

Is Michael C. Hall Seeing Someone New Already, Post-Divorce?

It's official: Michael C. Hall, 40 and Jennifer Carpenter, 31, who interestingly enough play siblings on Dexter, have finalized their divorce. (I have to admit it makes me shudder that they were playing siblings and married in real life.)

It wraps up a process that's been in full swing for more than a year, since Jennifer filed in the summer of 2010, citing the usual "irreconcilable differences."

However, as you may be able to guess, the rumor was that Michael was romantically linked to his other co-star, Julia Stiles, the supposed reason for which Jennifer originally bailed. Julia had played his love interest, and it looks like the world took notice when Julia went on and on about how great Michael was. Then there were those photos of the pair hanging out off-set. It's no wonder the story got out of control. Did Michael C. Hall Leave His Wife For Julia Stiles?

Julia insisted she had nothing to do with her co-star's breakup. While she has always been pretty tight-lipped about her love life, she spoke out in her own defense and asked the media to respect Michael's privacy.

Now, it looks like Michael may have someone new, according to International Business Times: 25-year-old Vanessa Abrue. As the story goes, Hall began dating the young woman three months after Jennifer filed for divorce. To be discreet, they would always go out in groups so no one would catch on that they were a pair. Sources say Vanessa talks about how Michael texts her all the time.

Given that this is the second lady that Michael's been linked to, we wouldn't be surprised if Jennifer was tired of wondering what he was doing when she wasn't around. At least now Michael is free to do what we wants — we're curious to see how long it is before he is officially linked to someone else. 

As for Jennifer? Well, she seems to be doing well, just happy that she and Michael can keep the peace — which they would need to do, you know, since they work together and all. Jennifer Carpenter: I'm Still In Love With My Ex, Michael C. Hall

CelebLovers, do you think it's possible to remain friends after a divorce?

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