8 (More) Things That Are Decidedly Better Than Sex

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You hated it, and we're bringing it back. Things that are better than sex.

Backstory: In August, we penned a piece called "12 Things That Are Decidedly Better Than Sex," which caused quite the uproar (teehee). Fifty-six comments later, the haters are still going strong, and somehow refuse to understand that this was humor meant to add a little levity to our sex-obsessed society. Sometimes it feels like people are so into keeping score or worrying what they look like during sex, they forget about having fun and/or being in love. That's why #12 is "love."

Anyway! Then The Gloss, one of our favorite lady blogs, decided to make fun of us with "Things That Are (Really) More Fun Than Sex," including "time traveling," "getting a pet gremlin" and "having a unicorn with a magical heroin horn." If I could time travel, I'd be happy with lifelong celibacy, so God bless you, Jennifer Ashley Wright, even though I've never met you.

Okay, and THEN one of our readers, Derrick Washington, came up with his own "better than sex" list in the comments. His list was charming and, at times, hilariously specific, so we're going to share it with you:

1. Your favorite dish, only for special times.

2. Stepping off a plane for your vacation.

3. Buying your first car.

4. Buying your first home.

5. Clocking out of work after a long, stressful day.

6. An ice-cold shot of Jaegermeister or Barenjager, followed by a 24-ounce beer. 

7. Winning the lottery.

8. Doing a favorite hobby. (Like sex??)

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