Love Bytes: The 10 Creepiest Love Songs Ever

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Plus, Plan B may soon be available over the counter. No more awkward Planned Parenthood visits.

Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails fame) doesn't have the entire market cornered on disturbing lyrics that are supposed to be about love. R&B lyrics, though heartfelt, can feel like the diary entries that the defense uses to prove that a stalker is unfit to stand trial. "Close to me you're like my mother, close to me you're like my father?" NO THANKS. The 10 creepiest love song lyrics ever, in a nifty photo gallery. (Huffington Post)

Not to be an alarmist… but putting off having babies for too long may be dicey, it turns out. Ladies, you don't have as long as you thought. (Babble.com)

Mistake #1: falling in love with your neighbor. Mistake #2: having sex with him when what you really want is a relationship. (Madame Noire)

Do you think your guy is into someone else? That line of thinking is uncomfortable for him too. (Good Men Project)

The Food AND Drug Administration is considering making Plan B an over-the-counter drug. (The Frisky)

Do you get more anxious waiting for a guy to return a text message or a phone call? (Crushable)

Your good-looking friends make you look better. For realsies. (HowAboutWe)

Hugs are pretty good. But different hugs can mean different things. (TresSugar)

The French are considering a ban on prostitution. (The Frisky)

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