Too Much 'Twilight': Our Take On The Hottest Baby Names Of 2011

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Our staff's darlingly candid opinions on this year's most popular baby names.

I will admit it: I have always been obsessed with baby names for some strange reason. Not just for my own selfish possible-future-baby-having reasons, but because it's just interesting to see what names are popular year to year. Like, what's with all the Caitlins in my generation, and then that suddenly becoming "Kaitlin" or "Kaitlyn," with the "Caitlin" spelling all but disappearing? And recently, there's been such a resurgence in pretty, romantic names, after all the Jennifers and Sarahs of the 80s. Soooo BabyCenter just came out with its Hottest Baby Names Of 2011, and our staff just needed to put in our two cents. Sophia, Emma and Isabella top the girls' list, while the top three boy names are Aiden, Jackson and Mason. Thank goodness at least Taylor and Madison (which are both masculine-sounding and last names, people!) aren't as popular anymore for girls, although last names (Jackson?!) do seem to reign for the boys. What do you think of this year's hot baby names? Any surprises? Tell us in the comments! Read on for our staff Skype chat:

Natalie: YOU GUYS. What are your thoughts on this year's hot baby names? Lyz, Genevieve? Mommies, please chime in. 

Genevieve: Sophia doesn't surprise me. I've met a lot of them this year. Overall, I think all of these are pretty good names. Nothing too crazy on the list.

Melodie: I like them except for the Twilight ones... who would want to name their babies for vampires or werewolves?

Melanie: I can't believe my son's name (Oliver, born in 2008) hadn't made the names list ever, and had never been over 200, but is now 56!

Lyz: I think the girls' names are all pretty boring and disturbingly influenced by Twilight. And -aiden/-ayden names are getting out of hand. I like Liam.

Faye: My favorites are Olivia, Lily, Jayden and Logan.

Tom: I am not in love with many of the boy names. Logan and Jacob are tolerable. Girl name winners: Olivia, Isabella, Abigail.

Natalie: Lily is very pretty! I like Logan, because he's Mary Anne's boyfriend in The Baby Sitter's Club. I don't like Liam because of Oasis.

Tom: Lyz likes it because Taken is her favorite movie.

Lyz: No, it's because Liam Neeson haunts my dreams, Thomas.

Natalie: Sophia has been hijacked. I'm doomed to have a daughter who will be one of five Sophias in her class.

Tom: I feel like a complete failure as a New Yorker that I don't have a single friend named Olivia.

Lyz: You need to start hanging with the toddler crowd.

Natalie: Or socialites. Olivia Palermo!

Faye: Olivia Wilde. 

Tom: Olivia Thirlby. Olivia Munn. Olivia Newton John. They just don't want anything to do with me. 

Natalie: And on that note, that's enough fodder. Thanks everyone!