Is This Normal? Facebook Confessions

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Our Facebook fans tattle on their partners' weird habits.

Behind closed doors, everyone is a little bit of a weirdo. And no one knows this better than the people we love. I never knew I has such offensive toothpaste habits until I got married. Apparently, it's not okay to squeeze from the middle and toss out a tube when it gets too crusty. Who knew? The answer: my husband. In this week's edition of "Is This Normal?" we asked you for the weirdest things that your partner does. You can read all the answers on our Facebook wall (you have to "Like" our page before you can see the answers). But here are my 7 favorite answers.

1. "Bites his toenails."

Ew! Ew! Ew! That's all I have to say.

2.  "Ex: used to cover up his 'junk' when he'd get out of the shower. Like I'd never seen it b4?! Lol"

This is hilarious and also sweet. If this was the weirdest thing he did, I'm wondering why he is her ex? Get him back, girl!

3. "...pretends to have a "sexual" relationship with his friend's moms. Weird? Yes."

Also, obnoxious. Very, very obnoxious.

4. "my boyfriend will not sleep without his fan and this is not a small rinky dink fan its a big old fan from prob 1975! all metal and loud! even on the lowest setting. i have dealt with this for almost 2 yrs no matter what the weather, blowing directly on us! if thats not love on my part i dont know what is? lol"

I sympathize with this one. I always enjoy a nice breeze a night and the white noise from the fan is comforting.

5. "Washes his socks and underwear in the shower while showering."


6. "make sure his clothes don't touch the floor or they are dirty."

This is a little OCD. But hey, does he at least do the laundry?

7.  "eat hair"

What the nut? I want follow up on this one. Does he dig it out of the sink and eat it? Pull it off his head? Or just suck on a strand from time to time?

Do you eat hair? Does your partner have a special "pass the salt" song? Each week, YourTango will feature, someone, something or some habit from a relationship and asks the question: Is this normal? Feel free to weigh in with your comments or send us an email: and we'll feature your relationship and dating foibles on our site. (Don't worry. You can be anonymous and so can your partner.)